Local Trusted Auto Mechanic


Greg of Victory Auto Service Center is Van Nuys

Greg runs Victory Auto Service Center at 13736 Victory Boulevard, near the corner of Woodman and Victory.   Since the great 1990’s, Greg has been the man behind the incredible car culture of The San Fernando Valley.  Servicing everybody’s automobile needs, without partiality to status, Greg is an American treasure.  If you ever grew up in a small town, everyone knew the mailman by name.  In a sense, that’s Greg.  He’s very friendly, but not overly so.  He’s always business, but does it in a way that balances out his time as well as yours equally.  In a word, Greg is a treasure.  I trust my cars with nobody else. 

Van Nuys …Vey Nice

There’s an old joke.  The old man was asked if he missed the old country.  “Miss it? I live there now!…Van Nuys!  In fact, it’s very Nuys!”  Something like that.  Founded in 1911, Van Nuys was named for Isaac Newton Van Nuys, one of its developers. Then in 1915, just after completion of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, Van Nuys was the first new stop on the San Fernando Line of the Pacific Electric Railway.  The Red Cars boosted early land sales and commercial success.  Greg of Victory Auto Service is your local trusted auto mechanic.

Farm land has traditionally grown one common produce.  Great neighborhoods.  Organic municipal growth, one which instills great pride in its modern day residents.  And people can be a bit snobby, even when it comes to the Valley.  “Ohhh, I would NEVER venture off to Reseda!  I live in Sherman Oaks!”  Today it’s all one big mishmash of civilization, the bedroom community of the integrated working class system of greater Los Angeles. 

One of things that makes people prideful of where they live is knowing there are a trusted few people who they can literally trust small, but important parts of their lives with.  My dentist of 30 years operates out of Van Nuys for example, and I live in Hollywood.  In a way, we all live on the freeway, with various specific exits marking what or who we may need.  When it comes to who can you trust your car repair and maintenance with, as far as I’m concerned, there’s only one guy I know of who will always give me a good deal and do a great job. 

Local Trusted Auto Mechanic

So, the next time you feel the need maybe change your mechanic, please consider Greg at Victory Auto Repair Center.  In my opinion, he’s as valuable as that 1956 Chevy you so cherish.  Maybe even more so.  

And, just like Van Nuys itself, Greg is Very Nize….

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