Will driving your car with the check engine light on damage the car?

Check Engine Light

The check engine light monitors a number of systems fuel, temperature, engine performance and speed. Some issues are critical some are not. The best thing to do is to have a professional assessment of your cars condition. We have many years experience in auto electric. Finding out now can save you a major component like a catalytic converter or even an engine in the future.

Expert Auto Electric Diagnosis and Repair

Computer Scan & reset may be all your car needs!

It could be something minor!

For only $24.99 we will test your car, truck or vans computer system with our state of the art scanner.

We will give you a report of any issues that appear in the scan.
We will give you an estimate and expert advice on any needed repairs!
We offer discount prices on all computer related issues to help your car run clean and run right!

Auto Electric Specialist

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