Get The Most From Your Car

        Top 10 Ways To Get The Most From Your Car!

Make every driving dollar count with these safety and saving suggestions:

(1) Work the Web or become more Web-savvy. A wealth of research about vehicle ownership – enjoyment can be found online.

(2) Preventive car care can help protect both your safety and the investment made in your vehicle.

(3) Develop a relationship with your automotive technician. This is extremely important.

(4) Locate the recommended tire pressures either in your owner’s manual.

(5) Use a tire pressure gauge at least once a month to check pressure when your tires are cool.

(6) Make sure your tires have adequate tread depth; it’s critical for optimal traction and maneuverability.

(7) When replacing tires, it’s best to replace all four at once. If you only replace two at a time, make sure to put the new tires on the rear of the vehicle.

(8) Find and use the correct maintenance schedule for your vehicle. This can be found in the owners manual or, now, most electronic management systems at your local repair facility can provide this information for you.

(9) Monitor and change your engine’s oil and oil filter at the manufacturer’s specified intervals, and be sure to follow the more frequent “severe service” recommendations if your driving habits meet any of the conditions described in the owner’s manual.

(10) Always use motor oils that meet the service classification and viscosity grade requirements established by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Source:  AAA, February, 2010